Horizon View Day Festival - July 22, 2017

Horizon View Farms is excited to host the Pennsylvania Premiere for Latin Grammy and Carlos Gardel Awards winners, Kevin Footer and Maria Volonte, together with Mavi Diaz and her Argentine folk group Las Folkies. Treat yourself to a great concert and delicious food from "The Yard" and "La Mendocina" in the beautiful Laurel Highlands!

About the Artists

Kevin Carrel Footer - Blue Tango Project

Playing harmonica, Kevin Carrel Footer tours the world with the Blue Tango Project alongside Argentine Latin Grammy-nominee María Volonté.

Their innovative fusion of tango with the blues, their genre-bending compositions, and passionate live performances set to videos they shoot on the road have thrilled audiences on three continents. This globe-trotting duo celebrates the deep spiritual bond that joins tango and the blues, as two musical genres born in desire and marginality, many times censored yet always resurgent and speaking directly to our hungry souls.

Originally from California, Kevin moved to Buenos Aires in 1992 to begin the spiritual practice of tango. For many years he was a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald. He is the author of the book “A Tango before I Die” (2013).

Along the way, Kevin founded Intrepid Patrol, a record label and boutique artist management company whose recordings have won a Carlos Gardel Prize (Argentina’s Grammy) and three Carlos Gardel Prize nominations, as well as a Latin Grammy nomination.

Maria Volonté - late-night jazz and Latin-blues fusion

Maria Volonté is an intriguingly versatile and original Argentinian singer and songwriter who has been nominated for a Latin Grammy… She can mix an intimate treatment of tango classics by the great Astor Piazzolla… with echoes of late-night jazz and Latin-blues fusion. She has a cool, emotional style, plays impressive acoustic guitar, and is willing to experiment. (The Guardian)

The best-kept secret of Argentinian tango… Well established and widely respected in her native Argentina, Maria Volonte is a singer who can switch between jazz and blues-influenced vocals, intimate Argentinian-style folk singing and classic big tango diva numbers. (Songlines)

María Volonté and the Blue Tango Project

Mavi Díaz & Las Folkies - Argentine folk tradition

This all-female band is deeply steeped in the Argentine folk tradition. Daughter of harmonica virtuoso Hugo Diaz, Mavi was surrounded by the best music from an early age. A pop star in her twenties as a founding member of the path-breaking group Viuda e Hijas de Roque Enroll, Mavi went on to an illustrious career as a performer, composer and vocal arranger. The band’s energetic live performances have received standing ovations at important music festivals in Argentina and around the world.

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