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In the Heart of Nature, Where Every Occasion Finds Its Perfect Setting

When you choose to host your event with us, you become part of the rich history of our property, originally homesteaded in the early 1800s. Horizon View Farms stands as a distinctive rustic-chic event facility, conveniently located just 69 miles from downtown Pittsburgh and 179 miles from Washington, DC, nestled within the luxurious resort community of the Laurel Highlands. Our 465-acre family farm, adorned with rolling hills and enchanting woods, defies convention as an extraordinary event venue. It's not just a space; it's a captivating farm experience. Explore further to discern if our family farm aligns seamlessly with the vision for your event. Above all, we commit to ensuring that your time on the farm is both hospitable and abundantly memorable.

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2393 Chickentown Rd Rockwood, PA 15557


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