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Our Horses

At Horizon View Farms, we take pride in being a well-rounded facility and welcome all breeds and disciplines of riding.
Farm Owned Horses

Horizon View Farms owns several well-trained horses suited for all levels of experience. From our gentle kid-safe ponies, to our trusted trail mounts, to our elegant Paso Finos, the farm is sure to have a horse to suit your needs!

Paso Fino Passion

True to their name, Paso Finos are the horse with the fine step! The breed’s Spanish heritage can be seen in their proud attitude, style, and elegance.


Paso Fino horses are known for being calm at hand, but full of energy, drive, and stamina under saddle. Their gait is unique, quick, extremely smooth, and totally natural!


Read more about this fine breed through the Paso Fino Horse Association



American Quarter Horse


The American Quarter Horse Association, located in Amarillo, Texas, is the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization.


AQHA members share a passion for the American Quarter Horse and the vast lifestyle created by the world’s most popular horse.


Read more about this popular breed through the

American Quarter Horse Association.



Belgian Draft Horses


The Belgian has been bred for its ability to efficiently convert feed to flesh and muscle. This horse has heavy muscling, a deep chest, wide barrel, powerful hindquarters and an active boldness, yet is willing and docile.


These traits have made the Belgian the most popular draft horse in the United States among horse farmers, loggers, and pullers.


Read more about this powerful breed through the

Rural Heritage Horse Paddock.




Stable Events


At Horizon View Farms, we are proud to offer a variety of clinics, horse shows, and other equestrian events. Our indoor and outdoor arenas provide an excellent venue for virtually any horse-related activity. Have an idea for an event? Contact us with your suggestions. Want to put on your own clinic or show? We also offer arena rentals!


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